Wine Producers

Wine makers are the sole reason that I became interested in wine. One cannot help but be inspired by the dedication and passion that is imbued in every drop of wine they produce (well almost every drop!); their whole life is invested in each glass we consume, and having run a winery I know just how all-consuming wine production (winemaking and viticulture) is.

The challenge when working with any winery is to ensure that their wines are correctly matched with consumers and the drinking occasion, and that in opening up new business opportunities that there is a genuine margin for all parties concerned. As such, I tend to work back from the market opportunity, and ensure that I am working with wineries that understand and respect the size of the prize and rewards to be had in each market.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with a host of top quality producers, some of which are listed below.

Yealands Estate, New Zealand –
Spier Estate, South Africa –
Rustenberg, South Africa –
Delaire, South Africa –
Org de Rac, South Africa –
Duck Pond Cellars, Oregon –

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