Wine Education

Wine education is, fundamental to the success of any wine business, be that through staff training, consumer tastings and even Board presentations. The key is not to take wine out of context and to recognise that although it is an endlessly intriguing and fascinating product, for many people it is just too scary to want to engage with it – which is one significant reason for market stagnation and decline.

This ‘fear factor’ applies to every market that I have visited and worked in keeping in mind that it is ‘only a drink’, competing for share of throat with the likes of coffee, coke and spirits, I have developed a number of bespoke training solutions that can help enthuse staff and customers alike.

I am also an accredited WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) approved program provider and have presented training courses all over the world.



The Wine Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia – established the first WSET accredited wine school in Russia in 2007, with full Russian text and WSET approved local staff.

Zizzi – tailored WSET training program for all GM’s and Ops managers – see Testimonial


Senior GM, Melanie O’Hare Training Manager, Zizzi

“Adrian was fantastic, with basic facts brought to life with his stories from around the world. This was an exciting day of facts and tastings with his knowledge and training methods being great”

Winery Visits

I guess I am more of a specialist in South Africa than anywhere else, but if you understand winemaking and have passion for the subject it is easy to show anyone around the winery world.

Harvey Smythe CEO Gondola Holdings

“Dear Adrian, this is a note to thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip to Italy last week. It really was superb. Everyone came back full of excitement as well as being a couple of stone heavier! Thanks for putting everything together and for all your expertise and guidance on the trip – we will have to think of another region for next year”.

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