Market Development

Although I am based in London, I do most of my work outside the UK and have a particular interest in developing markets – be they large or small. With my broad range of skills, I am able to develop a broad based business plan, work with the sales teams to implement it and then offer an MW credible promotional / tasting service (VIP clients, press etc.) all within a single business trip.


Jamaica – 1876 wines was established at a time when import duties stood at 225% of the landed cost and there was no franchise for wine. Through the development of a private members club with my partner Paul Hanworth, we helped create a genuine interest for wine and through our loyal members then developed a thriving on-trade wholesale business.

Russia was an interesting but volatile market in the early 1990’s (in fact it still is) but by working closely with an importer for 10 years encompassing two economic crises, was able to establish a 50,000+ case business from South Africa.

China – is incredibly challenging but with great risk there is great reward. I am currently working on a couple of projects but trying to cut through the mayhem of the traditional routes to market through my extensive network and by concentrating on direct selling business models.

Hi Adrian,

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David Pedrol

Product Director

In more mature markets I have been involved in recent launches that have included the establishment of the #1 brand from New Zealand in Norway, and a permanent listing for the #1 Organic South African wine within the Systembolaget monopoly in Sweden, in addition to the leading brand from South Africa in Denmark.

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