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One way of getting people to enjoy wine is to get them drinking. The challenge is always to get them to remember what it was they were consuming the day after!

I have developed a program of wine masterclasses over the last 10 years, which have managed to combine a bit of education with some great food, good wines and overall a great sense of fun and enjoyment.

In addition, as a result of my extensive understanding of the UK wholesale trade I am in a unique position to competitively supply a variety of wines for private clients.





Ray Neve, Chef Proprietor, The Wharf restaurant, UK “Thank you very much for your hard work and support in making this evenings Master of Wine dinner a great success! I had numerous positive comments throughout last night and this morning and I think, to date, this has been one of our best wine events ever!”

Stuart McCaffer, Director BDL Hotels. “Another fantastic wine evening: memorable for all our guests. We are sure to do it again”

Paul Trinniman- Magaing Director, Kind Consumer. “Top bloke, top wines. I just gave him some suggestions and he never fails to delight.”

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